Let Us Send Your Commercial Property Listings to Active Nationwide Brokers, Investors and Buyers.

About Us

In 2009 we looked at Commercial Real Estate and saw a need, the need was a cost-effective platform to promote commercial real estate listing opportunities beyond the reach of a typical internal database and or 3rd party listing service.

Recognizing this need that there must be a more effective way than just placing your listings with a listing service, and hoping a buyer to find the property. Enter ePropertypush.com. A proactive platform that works! We send and promote your property directly to a nationwide database of active brokers and buyers. No more waiting to be found, reach the right audience today.

In 2009 we changed commercial real estate and opened the door for broker’s developers and owners to become proactive and changed how transactions are initiated. Today we are still committed to serving the needs of our industry. We strive to find ways add value to our customers and to ensure they have the best possible experience with the best nationwide database.

Frequently Asked Questions

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