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ePropertyPush takes out the hassel and expense and does the e-marketing for you. Designed for the sale of commercial property, giving you the most value for your marketing budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to send an ePropertyPush?

How many properties can be included on my flier?
There is no limit to the # of properties that you can include on your flier


If I sign up to receive an ePropertyPush, how often will I receive emails?
At this point we will send no more than two emails a day


What types of buildings can I present on ePropertyPush
Most types of investment propertys ie single tenant, retail centers, office buildings.

This is not a place to sell houses!


What time of day will my ePropertyPush be sent out?
Our experience has shown that morning emails have a higher open rate than ones sent later in the day…or worse – at night!


Who is on your list?
Investment property brokers and investors all over the country


I am in Chicago (or Florida, or…) and only want to target investors in this area
For the same price as what the other companies charge for a local email promotion, you can send yours out on a national platform, since these days, investors will travel for a great deal


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